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I am a researcher at CEA LIST (France), working on multimedia information retrieval, geographic information retrieval and social media. Before joining CEA LIST, I was a postdoctoral researcher at TELECOM Bretagne, where I contributed to the Georama project. Please see the publications and demos pages for more details about my work.

Here are links to resources to which I contributed that are freely usable:

  • Gazetiki - a geographical database which was constituted at CEA LIST (http://www-list.cea.fr/gb/index_gb.htm) by using information from Geonames (geonames.org) and from different Web sources.
  • a spatiotemporal mapping of Wikipedia concepts - Spatial mapping is performed by analyzing links to geotagged Wikipedia in up to 7 article versions. Temporal mapping is limited to Wikipedia biographies and it involves and extraction of a person's approximate life period.
  • Wikipedia Retrieval 2010 Collection - a collection that consists of 237,434 images, their associated user-generated textual annotations (i.e., the images' textual descriptions extracted from the Wikimedia Commons files and the images' captions in the Wikipedia article(s) that contain them), and the Wikipedia articles containing the images. Are also provided 120 topics with associated ground truth.
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